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Corcra is Irish Gaelic for purple.

The word Corcra is a nod to my wee Irish ancestry line that married into my Scottish family when they immigrated into Nova Scotia.

While brainstorming my company name, I really wanted to use the Scottish Gaelic word for purple – purpaidh – Say out loud: puu-sh-pee, but no one would be able to pronounce it! So Corcra it became! A fun goal of mine is to someday try and learn Scottish Gaelic.

Why Purple?

To me, purple is solidity. It gives me weight. Confidence. Energy. I love it because it can range from light and carefree to dark and mysterious. It’s a combination of two of my favorite colors, red for daring passion and blue for calm focus.


Hence the birth of my company Corcra Creative.

Gracie w my signature.png

It Was Love At First Portrait

Gracie, an adorable Alaskan Malamute was the first commissioned portrait that I was honored to create. I originally tried to create her portrait digitally in Adobe Illustrator but it wasn’t going well because she was so fluffy! Instead, I decided to take down a set of colored pencils that I haven’t used in a long time and give it a try on paper. I was instantly hooked and in fell in love.

About Michelle Smith

I am a native, puddle-tromping Portland, Oregon-based Illustrator. A passion burns inside of me that is unstoppable. This passion, this excitement, this drive for wanting more…this is what gets me up each day. I challenge myself to stretch and push even harder when I think I have stretched enough. I get excited when I make mistakes because it’s an opportunity for me to learn and grow.


My favorite past-times include being with family and friends while enjoying a delicious wee dram of Scotch whisky, a pint of cider, or a glass of wine from the Pacific Northwest.


Other interests that I adore are bike riding, hiking in the Gorge, kayaking Oregon’s beautiful lakes, spending a day at the coast, and traveling the world.

Corcra Creative | Michelle Smith | Portland, Oregon

Now, contact me today to get started on a fun portrait or a beautiful illustration! I'm excited to talk about your ideas!

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