Corcra Creative | Michelle Smith | Portland, Oregon

About Corcra Creative

Corcra Creative is an illustration company that loves to make impactful works of art with beautiful colored pencils and other mediums. 


Corcra Creative was originally a branding and graphic design company until the illustrator within was discovered when the old color pencils were dusted off to create a portrait of an Alaskan Malamute for a co-worker. It was love at first sight. 


Each and every project brings great joy! 

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They make amazing, one-of-a-kind gifts for every occasion. 

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About Michelle Smith


I am a native, puddle-tromping Portland, Oregon-based Illustrator. A passion burns inside of me that is unstoppable. This passion, this excitement, this drive for wanting more…this is what gets me up each day. I challenge myself to stretch and push even harder when I think I have stretched enough. I get excited when I make mistakes because it’s an opportunity for me to learn and grow.


My favorite past-times include being with family and friends while enjoying a delicious wee dram of Scotch whisky, a pint of cider, or a glass of wine from the Pacific Northwest.


Other interests that I adore are bike riding, hiking in the Gorge, kayaking Oregon’s beautiful lakes, spending a day at the coast, and traveling the world.


Corcra is Irish Gaelic for purple.


The word corcra is a nod to my wee Irish ancestry line that married into my Scottish family when they immigrated into Nova Scotia.


While brainstorming my company name, I really wanted to use the Scottish Gaelic word for purple – purpaidh – but no one would be able to pronounce it! So corcra it is!


Say puu-sh-pee. There’s your Scottish Gaelic lesson for the day. =)


My goal someday is to learn Scottish Gaelic!


Why purple?


To me, purple is solidity. It gives me weight. Confidence. Energy. I love it because it can range from light and carefree to dark and mysterious. It’s a combination of two of my favorite colors, red for daring passion and blue for calm focus.


Hence the birth of my company Corcra Creative.


Now, go and explore my work and contact me to get started on an epic and beautiful illustration!