Sizes and Pricing Options

Artwork Only

11x14"            $175

9x12"              $125

8x10"              $100

5x8"**          $75

6x6"**          $45

6x6" is great for animal faces, flowers, fruits, & veggies, etc. These look great in 6x6 frames.

5x8" is perfect for one pet so that I can get all of their details.

Have more than one animal? Just add $50!

Medium and large artwork only.

Please, no more than three animals per drawing. I want to make sure that detailing doesn't suffer from too many subjects on the page. 

All I need is your favorite picture and I'll do the rest.

Questions? Have a special request? Let's talk!

*shipping and handling not included in pricing

*extra prints available for an extra small charge

*pricing subject to change